UltimaCalc 2.1.255

Powerful algebraic calculator

Have you ever wished you had a tiny calculator that was always ready for use? Or a powerful calculator that contains a load of functions, creates charts, solves triangles, plots functions? Or do you need to calculate standard deviation and regression? UltimaCalc does all these, and much more.

We had two major aims for UltimaCalc - it had to be easy to use, with as simple a display as possible, and it had to be really powerful. On the one hand, it had to be able to take up as little space on the precious screen area as was practical while still providing good legibility, and on the other hand, we wanted to pack in as many features as reasonably possible.

UltimaCalc has been designed to be a powerful tool without being complex. We’ve called this calculator UltimaCalc because we see it as being the Ultimate Mathematical Calculator, certainly at its price. (If you are not sure what the price is in your local currency, don’t worry - the order page will tell you the current equivalent.)

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